Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions and their answers! 

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How much does shipping cost?

It is difficult to answer you, because the site can deliver to almost any country in the world, and several choices of transport companies are often possible! But when you go to your shopping cart and identify your country, the calculation will be done automatically, and you will be informed well before the payment of your order.

What if I work during delivery hours?

Deliveries (except registered with AR) are made by your usual postman and will be deposited in your mailbox with the rest of your mail. No need to be present or sign anything !

How to be sure this website is serious?

- Please browse the forums
- Search negative reviews on Google
- Visit my Facebook page: FACEBOOK
- Many products have also been rated by customers: read their opinions (see ;-), or consult the "NOTICE" tab at the top of the website
- You may give me a phone call (only in french for the moment) : if I answer before your order, you can trust that I will answer you afterwards, should there be a problem.
- Your payments are made with PAYpal or STRIPE, these labels do not trust suspicious merchants and guarantee your purchases in case of fraud.

How to post a comment?

On each product page, you will find a "Give your opinion" button. If for any reason you are not comfortable with that, you can also publish your comment on my FACEBOOK page, or even just email me your opinion, it will be reported very accurately (positive or negative). Anonymous comments are not published, nor are those of persons who have not ordered a product. 

Will the sign withstand the weather ?

My gate signs are made of expanded PVC, this material is also used to make store signs that resist the sun, frost and heat for well over 5 years... It is not uncommon to see them last well over 10 years.

Will the sticker withstand the weather?

My stickers are made of polymer adhesive, very thick, covered with a film that protects it from the UV sun and makes the sticker more resistant in the long term. An adhesive without lamination would not withstand the weather (example: cold would crack it quickly and rain would damage it very quickly). The most common kind of stickers on the market are precisely adhesive WITHOUT lamination.

Optimum durability: 10 years, beyond that, the sticker will gradually lose its freshness... (durability given for information purposes, this depends on climate, exposure to the elements and the support)

And if I receive a product I do not like ?

It has almost never happened, but just in case.... Please just put it back in the package, repost it and on the very day I receive it, I'll ask the bank to refund it. (Custom or personalized products, such as medals, are neither returned nor exchanged)

And if my order arrives damaged?

Again, this would be very bad luck as it is a very rare occurrence (about 2 to 3 per year)!
It all depends on the option chosen... if you have chosen the transport mode "registered post", an insurance is included and will cover the damage but if (and only if), you unpack your order in front of the postman and made your complaint before signing.

In other cases (Eco shipment, Tracked Shipment, Forgetting to make a complaint), in accordance with legislation, the merchandise is shipped at the risk of the recipient.
However, with a little phone call, a lot of smiles, I willingly participate in the repair of the damage (even if I had nothing to do with it ;-) )

Could I have a sign made with my dog's photo?

No, I only work with professional photos. I have chosen to produce top-of-the-range products, and the technique unfortunately  used does not allow for customisation

I would like to send a product to a friend, is it possible?

Of course it is! Simply fill in the appropriate form with your friend's address in "recipient". In all cases, orders do not include any price or invoice...

Didn't get a bill in the package, could I get one?

Yes, of course you can! Simply print it in your customer space, under "my orders".

When will I receive my order?

Most of the time, I prepare your order a few minutes after you have placed it. I then take it to the mailbox in my village, which is checked every day at 9:00.
Then...  the transport time will depend on your country and the distance between us (I am in France)
If you are eager to receive your order, I recommend that you choose a shipment with tracking

Why can't I pay by check?

Payments by check are complicated: I would first need for your check to arrive and then for it to be cleared by my bank (this can take several days) and only then would I be able to send your order. In short, you would be delivered almost 1 month after your order, which would not be easily manageable :-)  However, if you don't have a credit card, it is easy!  just open a PAYpal account and fund it with your usual payment methods.

Why my dog breed is not there?

There are 360 breeds of doggies, many declined in several colors, with or without spots and with various types of hair, that is thousands of possibilities... I regularly release new products, yours will surely come...

Are all products in stock?

If they're on the site, it's because I have them on my shelves, ready to go right now! The error rate is 2 errors put of the last 2'000 orders... (Sorry again -)

Where is your store located?

I do not have a shop, I work from my home in South Burgundy.  I do not do "live sales", which means you can only buy my products on this website, where everything is secure.

What is the difference between "pay by credit card" and "pay with my PAYpal account"?

Those who have a PAYpal account can pay with it (many use PAYpal to sell, for instance, their small personal items, Which means they often have a piggy bank available); for all those who do not have a PAYpal account (the majority), you can pay with your credit card by clicking on "pay by credit card"

Is my credit card payment secure?

My site is completely SSL encrypted (note the "S" of the https in your address bar and/or the small padlock) and your payment is made via the secure tools of the bank. At no time do I see your bank details and at no time can they be recorded on my site or intercepted by a third party.

It reassures me to deal directly with a "human", is it possible?

I answer almost every call (depending on the time of day and in French only for the moment), so you may call me and I will guide you through the order process if necessary.

How my data are used (name, address...)?

I use it of course to send you your order. I'm not very good at advertising, so there's not much chance you'll get commercial reminders later. Your data is kept so that you can find your account at the time of a next order. Under no circumstances will they be given or sold to other persons or companies. Accounts created without any subsequent orders are destroyed a few months later...


The advice and answers on this page are purely commercial, they can in no way replace the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.